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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We're only half way through 2020 but if feels like we've experienced more in the last 6 months than we have in the last 5 years!

Six months ago, Australia was on fire with uncontrollable fire storms ripping through our continent. Then, parts of Australia experienced flooding, and then Covid hit our shores, sending us into lock-down amidst a wave of fear, uncertainty, and unemployment.

If that wasn't enough, we've just seen thousands of people protesting both here and overseas, as well as witnessing the violence and unrest in certain parts of the U.S., and then, only this week we've learnt that Australia has been the target of cyber attack.

All of these events have played out before our eyes, one after the other, with some of them still going on, with no end in the foreseeable future.

What toll does all this take on your health, to be continually bombarded by the media with all these negative news stories?

Quite simply, the toll can be huge, depending on how much you engage with the media and how resilient you are.

For many people, circumstances of the last six months have been quite overwhelming. Fear and uncertainty are 2 things that we don't like to experience and we have had those 2 very things fed to us on a daily basis since the bush fires hit, followed by Covid and this has led to overwhelm.

Overwhelm is an emotion that is rooted in fear and made worse by fear. It can be so paralysing that you just can't function. And overwhelm can lead to HPA axis dysfunction, otherwise known as adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue has the ability to steal your energy so you can't get off the bed or function in even the most basic of everyday tasks. It tends to send your mind into a spiral of negativity and fear that is difficult to stop, as well as robbing your body of critical nutrients that help to support your immunity.

In short, adrenal fatigue is a thief, and it will continue to steal from you and your health until you do something to stop it.

I have written in previous blog posts about adrenal fatigue and how it affects your body, but here I want to talk a bit about supporting your body with nutrition when you are in overwhelm and heading down the adrenal fatigue pathway, or you're maybe even there.

Because your nervous system is greatly affected when you have HPA axis dysfunction, the key nutrients that help to nourish and support this area are used in greater amounts. Some of these nutrients include all the B vitamins, magnesium and calcium.

Magnesium is a mineral which helps you to relax and helps your nervous system to move from sympathetic dominance to para-sympathetic mode. What does that mean? Sympathetic mode is what is known as 'fight or flight', while para-sympathetic mode is known as 'rest and digest'. Sympathetic = stressed; para-sympathetic = relaxed.

Vitamin C is another key nutrient needed when you are experiencing overwhelm and stress. Your adrenal glands use vitamin C to help with production of their hormones, and we all know that vitamin C is needed for our immune system, which also is affected when your body is under stress.

As well as the few I've mentioned, your need for all minerals increases when you have adrenal fatigue. Minerals help to keep the pH level of the body balanced and this is super important when you are stressed because stress creates an acidic environment in your body. Over acidity can lead to other illnesses.

Nutritional gaps can be temporarily filled by taking supplements, but long term, this is an expensive practice, and a pill will never give you everything that a whole food contains. Your diet becomes particularly important when you are experiencing stress, and especially if you have adrenal fatigue. Your already overburdened body isn't able to deal with the burden of foods that are depleted and create more stress on your digestive and elimination systems. Fresh whole vegetables, some fruit, clean protein, nuts and seeds, and whole grains are what you need, as well as 2 - 3 litres of water each day.

Adrenal fatigue isn't a life sentence. You have the ability to heal your body if you take the time to nourish and nurture yourself. Fixing up any dietary issues is the first step you can take on your path to health.

But if you are in a place where it's all too much and you don't know what to do and you want some help, please get in touch. I am here. You can book in for your complimentary 30 min Discovery Session here, and we can have a chat to see how you can move forward.

Take care.

Enjoy your journey to health and wellness,


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