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This Might Be More Important Than Nutrition

That's probably something I wouldn't have said previously! But considering the state of our world at the moment, I'm changing my thinking to believe that detoxification may be the most important thing you can master for your health.

Detoxification takes place in your body every day, removing toxins acquired from environmental pollution, chemicals from food and drugs, and waste products from the normal processes of human metabolism. Your liver and kidneys are the two organs we tend to think about when we think of detoxification, and rightly so because they do carry much of the load when it comes to removing unwanted substances from your body. You also detoxify through your lungs and your skin.

Detoxification is important because if the amount of toxicity is greater than what your body has the capacity to deal with, your whole body will be affected. You may experience things such as:

  • constipation

  • headaches

  • nausea

  • reactions to different foods

  • inability to lose excess weight

  • skin problems

  • inconsistent bowel movements

  • sluggishness

  • tiredness

  • aches and pains

  • inflammation

and more!

You can help to detoxify your body using food as a way to cleanse. The goal of doing a cleanse is to give your body what it needs to optimise the natural process of detoxification. It doesn't mean starving yourself or just eating kale leaves (yuk!), but it's about eating foods that give your digestive system a "rest" and provide the nutrients your body needs to help with detoxification. When you use food as the basis of your cleanse, it is more gentle and safer than taking a heap of expensive pills and potions that can push your body too hard.

So why do I think that detoxification might be more important than nutrition?

Because your ability to remove toxins will either hinder of enhance your ability to absorb nutrients. If you have an overload of toxicity that is too much for your body to handle, your body, including your gut, will be inflamed, which will affect your ability to absorb precious vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food you eat. So not only will you have too much toxicity, but you won't be absorbing the nutrients you need for efficient functioning of your detoxification processes.

Now I just want to be clear here, that the food you eat is of great importance when it comes to your health but your ability to remove unwanted substances may be even more important. Of course if you live on a diet of junk food and take away, your body will be struggling to function at a healthy level at all.

5 Things to Help Your Body Detoxify

  1. Drink 2 - 3 litres of water every day

  2. Remove sugar, refined packet foods, caffeine, dairy, gluten and junk food from your diet

  3. Eat balanced meals of clean protein and a variety of vegetables (orange, red, green, purple, white)

  4. Move your body daily

  5. Soak in an Epsom salts bath for 20-30 minutes 2 or 3 times per week

By adding in these few simple steps, you will help your body to remove excess toxicity, which will, in the long term, allow your body to absorb more nutrients.

If you want some guidance in doing a cleanse, or want to follow a more structured detox, get in touch....I would be happy to help!

Enjoy your journey to health and wellness,


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