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Do You Have Hormones From Hell?

One of the "knock on" effects of living in a stressful world where chronic stress is part of our daily lives, is hormone imbalance. The human body is intricately designed so that if one part of it is affected by something, the consequences can be felt throughout the whole body. Stress is one of those things that causes a detrimental ripple effect if it's not brought under control fairly quickly.

I have written previously about stress and what it can do (look here or here), but in this post, I want to touch on an area that I am seeing more and more in clinic, the area of endocrine system imbalances. Stress can unravel even the healthiest of people, and the relationship between the adrenals, the thyroid and the reproductive systems is finely tuned, leaving them all highly susceptible to chronic stress.

Women of all ages are finding that things are just not what they should be, experiencing symptoms such as heavy periods, low libido, anxiety, out of control PMS or menopausal symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and insomnia, to name just some of them.

It's one thing to know that things aren't feeling right, but how exactly can you find out what is going on and do something about it? TESTING!!! Testing is the only real way to know what's happening inside your body. But which test should you spend your hard earned money on? Glad you asked :) The best hormonal test on the market today, used by the top integrative doctors around the world, is called the DUTCH test. DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.

The DUTCH test gives a comprehensive look at what is going on with your stress hormones, your sex hormones, and all their metabolites. This is important because it shows for example, how your oestrogen is being metabolised by your body and whether it is going down a healthy or unhealthy pathway. It also assesses both free and metabolised cortisol, as well as melatonin, your sleep hormone. For many people, sleep is becoming more difficult to obtain, so by seeing how these hormones are affecting your daily rhythms, you can begin to find solutions to poor sleep. The DUTCH test shows the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites than any other hormone test.

Once you have uncovered what is happening with your hormones, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle to restore balance to your endocrine system becomes that much easier. It provides a road map and a guide so that you can work together with your practitioner and find the right treatment plan that is uniquely for you.

If you'd like to know more about the DUTCH test, I would be happy to help you. Send me an email or give me a call and I'd love to answer your questions.

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