• Annette Hurn

Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis

Have you ever wondered what foods are really right for your


body? It's easy to get lost in all the different food philosophies and diets that permeate the t.v. and social media these days.

Paleo...Vegan...Vegetarian...Keto...Raw....these are all seemingly healthy ways to eat, that is, unless the foods are not compatible with your body's individual needs. Each one of us is unique and while we all need the same macro and micro nutrients, how we obtain those nutrients and how our body processes and reacts to the foods that provide those nutrients is variable. Each one of us comes with our own specific health history, as well as our own individual nutritional and energy requirements, and therefore, when it comes to diet, "one size does not fit all".

Recently I have been made aware of an interesting form of hair analysis, which offers insights into the types of food that are either compatible or incompatible with each individual's body. So, after some time doing some research and listening to other practitioners success stories with their clients, I decided to give it a try myself. After only 2 weeks of cutting out the incompatible foods on my list, I am sleeping much more soundly, and for longer; my skin has improved, I no longer feel fatigued, and my digestion has had a marked improvement. The results have exceeded my expectations even though I had read of some amazing results that other practitioners were achieving.

So now I'm offering this service to all of my clients because I believe it will be of tremendous benefit in helping to resolve their health challenges.

Some Info About The Test

Backed by 30 years of research and development, Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is all about finding the foods that are right for you as an individual and the ones which are not. The test reveals foods/products that are biologically incompatible, that cause sub-optimal functioning of cells, which in turn, can lead to inflammation, an immune response, and ultimately reactive symptoms.

However, when you start to feed your body with the foods that are in line with your individual results, you are getting closer to the source of where symptoms originate, and you assist the healing processes of the body at a cellular level.

By focusing on feeding your body the foods that are compatible with your individual needs, cellular function is enhanced, leading to healthy organ function, which in turn leads to good immunity, and well functioning digestion and elimination.

The Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis and Wellness Programme has been designed to deal with the underlying cause of the inflammatory process at the cellular level. This is important because inflammation has now been identified as the source of virtually every dis-ease process that the human body experiences. If inflammation can be quenched before it gets out of hand, then it is possible for the body to heal and avoid developing more serious symptoms.

If you'd like more info, get in touch or book in for a complimentary 30 min Discovery Session to see how this might be able to help you.

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