• Annette Hurn


I've been having some D & M's with myself this week (you know...deep & meaningful conversations!), and I've been thinking about the fact that every choice we make in life has a ripple effect. Whether it's the thoughts we think, the food we eat, or the choices we make about the direction of our life.

Everything has a ripple effect that goes out from us, from you. Your decisions have an effect far beyond you alone. When applying this principle to your health, the choices you make today definitely have a ripple effect on the state of your health in the days, months and years ahead.

Years of eating a diet of junk food and alcohol will catch up in the form of fatty liver, obesity, Type-2 diabetes and possibly even cancer. And the ripple effect touches not only the person involved, but family, friends, and all their loved ones as well.

We live in a world that screams to us from every direction in order to capture our attention to buy into the latest gadget, sparkly thing, or diet. It’s hard to ignore the bombardment of advertising that, for the most part, is only interested in having you part with your hard earned cash in order to purchase the object of the slick marketing campaigns. But every time you see an advertisement, you have to make a choice, either consciously or subconsciously, as to whether you will buy into what it is that’s being marketed. It’s the same with your health choices.

The decision to choose nutrient-dense, healthy, real food instead of depleted, processed junk food, is a decision to choose a better state of health that affects not only yourself, but your family, friends and loved ones as well. When you are living in a state of good health, you are able to be a better wife, husband, friend, parent, lover, partner, worker, or any other role that you have in your life. Choosing to live life in a state of good health begins first of all, by making a decision, then taking an action, which then becomes a habit.

Each day, each of us must make choices on so many levels, and these choices have a ripple effect. Let’s make sure the ripples nurture the lives of all they touch.


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