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7 Signs You've Reached Your Forties

It's hard to believe how quickly time flies by and before you know it, you've reached your forties. The partying and night life of your 20's is long gone, and now you have more life experience and the maturity that goes alongside that experience.

Your forties is a decade that will reflect the care and good habits you've established in order to look after yourself, and it's a time to build on those good foundations and supercharge your immune system and boost your anti-ageing strategies. And if you haven't been as careful or as diligent as you'd like, then it's definitely time to take charge of your health and your body.

1. Your forties is the decade where you'll start to see your body experience pre-menopause

2. Your kids may start to leave home and once again, you'll have an empty nest and you'll experience the emotions that go along with that

3. You may have reached a really good place in your career, but along with that comes extra responsibliity, more meetings and late nights, longer hours and more stress

4. You may find yourself experiencing an extra cold here and there or an extra dose of the 'flu - your immune system just isn't coping as well as it used to

5. That 3pm coffee has become non-negotiable - you know, "Hand over the coffee and no-one gets hurt!"

6. And your sleep starts to become a little erratic - a night here and there where you find yourself staring at the ceiling and tossing and turning

7. And slowly, your clothes start to feel a little more snug, and those gorgeous designer jeans that you love just won't do up...'sigh'

So, what's going on here?

While the forties can be a wonderful decade of your life, it's also a decade where your body starts to change. As if puberty wasn't enough!!

The forties is a decade where your body starts gearing up for the next major hormonal shift that you'll go through - menopause. And this is the decade you need to take charge of a few things in order to make that transition as smooth as possible.

By starting to look after yourself now, you may be able to prevent, or at least minimise sysptoms such as anxiety, hot flushes, insomnia and weight gain.

Diet and lifestyle are the two big factors that can really set you up in your forties, not only for an easier transition through menopause, but for better, and even optimum health in your 50's, 60's and beyond.

What can you do to start looking after yourself?

1/ Take stock of your lifestyle.

Do you exercise? How are you sleeping? What are your stress levels like?

2/ How's your diet? Do you eat lots of processed foods or is your diet full of real, fresh foods? Do you drink enough pure water?

Looking at these 2 key areas will give you insight as to where you may need to make some changes, or where you are doing well.

I encourage you to answer those few questions and, if you are struggling or don't know where to start, contact me for an appointment. I'd love to help you.

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