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5 Tips For a Healthy Life

Warm Up on the Beach

Living a healthy life doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't require you to cook gourmet meals or take out expensive gym memberships (unless you want to of course!). Living a healthy life is all about following some basics and enjoying the journey. Let's take a look...


As I consult with clients, I am amazed at how many people are only drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water each day. Try and aim for 1 glass of water (250ml) for every 9kgs of body weight. This is a general rule of thumb, as you will need to drink more in hot weather, or if you are doing intense exercise that induces heavy sweating.


Sleep is possibly the most under-rated health strategy. Adults need to be sleeping between 7-8 hours every night and teenagers need up to 10 hours each night. When you sleep, your body undergoes repair, as well as detoxification. You also need good sleep for healthy brain function.....how many times have you had a bad nights sleep and found you couldn't concentrate the next day? Lack of sleep also contributes to stress and increases in cortisol, leading to weight gain, insulin resistance and if left unchecked, possibly Type-2 diabetes. Have a good nights sleep!


There is so much information, some of it conflicting, around what you should or shouldn't eat. The one thing that most health professionals seem to agree on, is that you should be eating less processed food and sugar. Real food is not something new. It is simply the food that people have been eating since the beginning of time. If you eat food in its true form, whole and unprocessed, you will be nourishing your body with the best possible form of available vitamins and minerals. Stay away from packets and tins, and buy fresh and unprocessed foods, and you will propel your body towards good health.


Stress is a fact of life, especially in 2015. Everyone is busy....very busy. All those mod cons that were supposed to make your life easier and give you more free time have only served to cause you to cram more into your day. This, in turn, creates more stress as you feel you have to achieve more and more just to stay on top of things. You need to learn how to manage your daily schedule to minimise your stress levels, and also learn strategies that you can practice on a daily basis to help reduce the impact of stress on your body and mind. There are also some beautiful herbs such as rhodiola that can help your body adapt to the stresses you encounter on a daily basis.


Lack of movement is one of the biggies when it comes to your health. Moving your body on a daily basis helps to reduce stress hormones and induce endorphins, which help to make you feel good. Movement is a normal state for the human body, but in our modern society, many people have a sedentary lifestyle due to working a desk job. If that is your style of job, it is important to get up from your desk every 20-30 minutes and if possible, go for a walk around your office or do some stretches. If you are in the position of being able to have a mini-trampoline in your office, you can make use of this piece of equipment to really up the ante in the health stakes.Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is one of the best, if not the best, form of exercise for your body.

So, there you go.

5 simple tips to help you live a health life.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to live a healthy life.

Enjoy your journey to health and wellness,

Annette :)

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