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5 Ways to Add More Veges into Your Day

We all know that we need to increase our vege intake, right? Well, sometimes our creative juices just aren't flowing and we can't think of how we can put an extra 5 veges onto our dinner plate....oh and who could eat all that extra food anyway??!! Don't worry, you don't need to put them all on your dinner plate!

Here are 5 simple ways of getting more vegetables into your daily diet.

1. Have a smoothie and throw in a handful of baby spinach and some Cos lettuce.

2. Have some veges for breakfast such as mushrooms with eggs, or an omelette with some peas, onion, mushrooms and baby spinach, or have some steamed veges with eggs.

3. Have a salad for lunch.

4. Cut up some carrot sticks, celery pieces, cucumber sticks, and capsicum, and top and tail some fresh green beans and use them as snacks throughout the day, either on their own or with some home made avocado dip or hommus.

5. If you like to bake, make a beautiful chocolate cake with healthy ingredients and add some grated beetroot, or make a lovely spicy carrot cake.

So you see, it's not too hard to get those extra veges in after all!

Woman Cutting Vegetables

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