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Personalised Nutrition

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Nothing tastes as good, as feeling healthy and well feels.

Personalised Nutrition

may help with

Diet Apples
Weight Loss

Imagine being able to fit into that favourite pair of jeans that are sitting in the bottom drawer.

Or having the confidence to go to the beach in that gorgeous new swimsuit.

This can happen for you.

Releasing excess weight is a wonderful benefit of balancing your metabolism with your personal Metabolic Balance plan.

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Hormonal Balance

Giving your body all of the nutrients it needs through following your personal nutrition plan, enables these selected foods to have a positive effect on your hormonal system.

The result is a healthy metabolism and natural secretion of your insulin levels which is important for long-term weight management and balanced hormones.

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Eating nutritious food that is right for your body means you are taking in food that enhances all the processes that take place on a daily basis, including ridding the body of wastes - commonly known as detoxification.

Efficient detoxification is essential for you to release excess weight and have healthy hormonal balance.

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How's your sleep?

Poor sleep is common, and often a result of a life and body out of balance.

When you regulate your metabolism, your body is able to produce all the hormones and enzymes it needs to function well, and improved sleep is often a fantastic byproduct.

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Digestive issues are often a result of eating foods that are not compatible with your body. this can result in one, or many different digestive complaints.

When you eat the foods that are right for your body, inflammation decreases and digestion can normalise.

What is Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance ® is your personalised food plan based on your pathology results and health information. It was developed in Germany over 20 years ago by a team of doctors and nutrition scientists. It gives you the tools you need to balance your body chemistry and hormones, resolve weight issues long-term, as well as teach you the exact foods that are right for you to re-balance your metabolism.

Metabolic Balance® focuses on your metabolic health and balancing your 'body chemistry' with the correct 'food chemistry' for you.

When balance is restored to your body, many issues may resolve as a result.

Some of these may include:

- stubborn weight

- food intolerances

- gut issues

- hormonal symptoms

- skin issues

- anxiety

- adrenal fatigue

Nutrition is a very powerful tool in the prevention of disease and the healing of the body. Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food". He knew that food is a major part of the puzzle in keeping the human body healthy, as well as helping recovery from illness.

By knowing which foods are right for your body, you are able to provide it with the vital nutrients it needs, in the correct quantities, without worrying about counting calories or percentages of macronutrients. Insulin secretion is normalised, resulting in a healthy metabolism. 


In our modern world, so much of what is consumed in the name of food is simply a concoction of chemicals and overly refined ingredients that are devoid of nutrients. 

What you eat every day provides the foundation and building blocks for your body to be healthy and function at its best.

Ask Yourself...

  • Are you spending your time and money trying supplements and fad diets that are not tailored to your own individual body and needs?

  • Have you tried countless diets and eating plans only to find that your success was temporary?

  • Would you like to find out what foods are best suited to your individual biochemistry?

  • Do you struggle to sort through the maze of "health information" that bombards you on a daily basis from the t.v., the internet or the "so-called" experts who are just trying to sell you something?

  • Do you need help in creating a way of eating that you love and that loves you back?

  • Do you need help with setting some realistic goals for healthy eating?

If you answered 'yes' to any or all of these questions, then Metabolic Balance® is what you are looking for. This tailored and personalised approach gives you the confidence that this is precisely what works for you as an individual, and gives you the knowledge to support your health right now and into the future. And, you are given personalised support while working through your plan to give you every opportunity for success.

If you have tried everything else and still haven't achieved your health or weight goal, Metabolic Balance® is what you're looking for. 

If you would like to know more about this amazing program, check it out here.