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Do you schedule time out for yourself?


How would it feel if you had an hour away from the mundane daily activities, where you could feel pampered and relaxed;

an hour away from little hands tugging on your shirt;

an hour away from the "To Do" list that never seems to quite get finished...you know,

time just for you, where you're made to feel

as special as you really are?


If this is something you would love, then a beautiful,

relaxing massage is just what you need.


A relaxation massage is all about melting away the cares of the world, leaving you feeling refreshed and serene,

and yet recharged.


A relaxation massage helps to dissolve the stresses of daily living so you can feel better and more positive.


A relaxation massage is all about YOU and making you feel great!


If this is something you'd like,


Scroll down for a very special offer!



Ladies - 

Special Offer - Limited Time Only

For a very limited time, you can experience a beautiful relaxation massage (valued at $60), for half price.

That's right!

For just $30

you can escape the cares of the world for a while

and enjoy your own time of pampering

with a relaxing massage.


This offer is strictly limited so

call today

to claim your personal hour of peace and relaxation.


 PH: 0488 997523


(Offer only available until 1st September, 2017. Limited to one massage per person.)

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