Have you been looking for a Christian natural health practitioner?

If so, you have come to the right place and I would like to extend a great big "Welcome"!

My name is Annette Hurn and I am a degree qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, as

well as a qualified Naturopath. 


When you're looking for someone to help you take care of your health, it's important to find someone that you can relate to, and, as a believer, to find someone who shares the same spiritual beliefs, if at all possible.

As individuals, we have a responsibility to take care of our health so that we can function at our best. Why? So that each one of us can live the life and fulfil the calling God has given us, without the burden of preventable illness. 

Part of my vision is to see believers living in Kingdom health, as a testimony to those who have not yet entered into Kingdom living...."on earth, as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10)

In my clinic, evidence based approaches to treatment are always at the core of how I practice and how I work with clients, but I also believe in the power of prayer to change a situation.

So, here's a little bit about me and what I believe...

I have been a believer all my life, making a public declaration of my faith when I was 16 years of age. It was from this point on that my life as a Christian really began. God led me out of the hippy lifestyle that I was living, and as I learned how to trust Him and live my life for Him, He firmly cemented me in my faith.

Fast forward to where I am today and my faith and love for Jesus is stronger than it has ever been. I have learned (and am still learning), to rely on Him for everything.

I really love the marriage of natural medicine and faith. Why? Because I believe that God has given us everything we need to live our lives on this earth in a healthy and happy way. He has provided us with beautiful, nourishing food to fuel our bodies, and herbs to heal our illnesses.

Unfortunately though, our world has moved far from the clean, pristine environment that we had not that long ago, and because of this change, we now experience less than optimal health due to the pollution of our air, water and land, and the stressful lives we lead.

I believe that God has provided a higher way of living for everyone if they are willing to look for it. Learning to look after our bodies with the things that God has provided for us, combined with faith for healing, is a powerful combination. The power of prayer to bring healing and change is something that permeates my life and my clinical practice.

If what you have read resonates with you, please have a look around the website, and get in touch to find out how I can help you.

Looking For Me?

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