What Can You Do About Adrenal Fatigue?

If you suspect that you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, the first thing to do is to get some testing done. Once you have the results, you can begin to address the imbalances and start the healing journey. There are a number of areas that need to be addressed in order to give your body the best possible chance to recover. Lifestyle, stress, nutrition, and thought patterns that don't serve you well are areas that all need to be addressed. One of the areas that needs to be attended to immediately, is the area of your energy. Depending on where you are on the adrenal fatigue continuum will depend on how drastic the change needs to be. If you are in Stage 3 and unable to get out of bed, yo

What's Going On?

I really thought I would have seen it coming! I mean, I've been down this path before, too many times but it seems to sneak up, like a tiger stalking its prey. What am I talking about? Overwhelm... that horrible stealthy peace-stealer. One day you wake up feeling ok and a couple of hours later you hear yourself sighing for the umpteenth time and you feel your gut starting to do mickey flips, and a few deep breaths later, you realise what's going on. You're starting to move into anxiety because you feel overwhelmed. Welcome to my day...today! So why is someone who regularly helps people with this stuff feeling like this? How did I allow myself to be in this place...again? To be honest, it's b

How Do You Know If You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

If you think you may have adrenal fatigue, the first thing to do is to make a list of your symptoms and see if you have been experiencing them regularly, or for a long period of time. Finding more information from a trusted source on the subject will help you to determine what your next step should be. To properly discover if you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, you are best to do so with the assistance of a health care professional who is able to recognise the signs and symptoms, and is experienced with adrenal fatigue and its accompanying issues. You will need to go through a thorough questionnaire that takes into account your past history, as well as your present symptoms in order to hel

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